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rgoff31's gameplay for Overlord II (PS3)

rgoff31 earned trophies in Overlord II

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rgoff31 said...
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My son picked this up for his birthday. I earned like a total of 16 trophies in the past day or so.
Overlord II

Overlord II (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 23/JUN/09
Rescuer of Kelda
Rescuer of Kelda (Bronze)

Rescue Kelda from Nordberg.

Tyrant of Nordberg
Tyrant of Nordberg (Bronze)

Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.

Industrious Magic
Industrious Magic (Bronze)

Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell.

Big Chopper
Big Chopper (Bronze)

Achieve 50 melee kills.

Red Rescuer
Red Rescuer (Bronze)

Find the Red Minions.

Green Grabber
Green Grabber (Bronze)

Find the Green Minions.

Armed and Dangerous
Armed and Dangerous (Bronze)

Forge one weapon.

Weapons Nut
Weapons Nut (Bronze)

Forge three weapons.

Mayhem Maker
Mayhem Maker (Bronze)

Cause mayhem during the Prelude.

Minion Harvester
Minion Harvester (Bronze)

Gather 10 Lifeforce orbs.

Minion Gatherer
Minion Gatherer (Bronze)

Gather 250 Lifeforce orbs.

Minion Hoarder
Minion Hoarder (Bronze)

Gather 1000 Lifeforce orbs.

Seal Slayer
Seal Slayer (Bronze)

Kill 100 baby seals.

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