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rgoff31 played SingStar: Abba

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rgoff31 said...
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Did a bunch of solo singing in Singstar with the DLC I got from the store. I sang mostly Scouting for Girls & some Gorrilas and Robbie Williams. Later I did some battles with my wife in the Abba part. She had never heard of Knowing me, Knowing you. I looked it up, it came out when she was 2 and probably several years before more of my followers here on GamerDNA. Anyways after she kicked my ass she scored a bunch of 9000s on Easy in the Solo mode earned me another trophy. I'm more of a 8500-8800 kinda guy on the easy mode in Singstar. She also finished off the last 8-9 off of the 50 Solo song trophy for me. I'm pretty sure I did most of that from scratch Sunday because I had deleted my saved game a week or so ago.
SingStar: Abba

SingStar: Abba (PS3)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Singing/Voice Simulation
Release Date: 02/DEC/08
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